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Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers, for businesses that need power and confidence

A dedicated server hosting solution is perfect for any serious business; a dedicated server will provide a powerful platform for your online venture or off-site disaster recovery service and is the ideal solution for complex, high-traffic sites that need to run demanding applications seamlessly.

We have been offering dedicated hosting services for over 10 years and our team of experts use the latest Dell PowerEdge servers from single multi-core processors to multi-processor servers. There is a choice of installed operating system and customisable memory and storage requirements.

Dedicated server hosting has several key benefits:-

  • Reliability:  Dedicated server hosting provides your web application exclusive access to the processors,  memory and storage  of the host computer, allowing full performance dedicated to your application
  • Security: No one else has access to your dedicated server but you. You are responsible for all its contents so there is no possibility of viruses or other malicious software unless you allow them there.
  • Unique IP Address: All dedicated servers have their own unique IP address so the IP address of your domain points only to your website.
  • Upgrades:  No doubt, your website will continue to grow and so will your budget. At any time during your dedicated server hosting you can add more bandwidth, RAM and increase your processor speed.

For more complex server installations we offer customised Microsoft Windows load balanced servers, Linux load balanced Servers, Storage Arrays and dedicated email servers.

If you would like to find out more about how our dedicated team of experts can design your online server architecture, then please call our team on 01483 274141.

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